Other names: UniProt Archive, uniparc

The UniProt archive (UniParc), part of the UniProt databases, is an archival protein sequence collection from all major publicly accessible resources. New and revised protein sequences are added daily into UniParc while not deleting the previous versions. A UniParc sequence version is provided and incremented each time the underlying sequence changes, making it possible to observe the history of sequence changes in all source databases. To avoid redundancy, each unique sequence is assigned a unique identifier and is stored only once. The basic information stored with each UniParc entry is the identifier, the sequence, cyclic redundancy check number (CRC64), source database(s) with accession and version numbers, and a time stamp; all other information must be retrieved from the source databases. Each source database accession number is tagged with its status in that database, indicating if the sequence still exists or has been deleted at that source.


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