the small RNA Expression Atlas web application. Sign in with Google or with you SEA account below. If you have not created an account yet, then please register first. If you have received an eMail from Oasis 2 that the classification or DE analysis results are downloadable, you can provide the given link here, in order to upload the output to this system and compare them with publically available datasets. SEA (also SEAweb) is a searchable database for the expression of small RNA (miRNA, piRNA, snoRNA, snRNA, siRNA) and pathogens. Publically available sRNA sequencing datasets were analysed with Oasis 2 pipelines and the results are stored here for easy and comparable search. Our curated, ontology connected metadata enables powerful searches within this database. Learn more in the documentation and publication




functional, regulatory and non-coding rna gene transcripts rna sequence biomarkers ontology and terminology

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