North West London Patient Index (NWL PI)

The NWL Patient Index linked tables holds demographics for patients registered to a practices within NWL such as patient age, gender, first language and ethnicity. Lower Super Output Area and Index of Multiple Deprivation Rank is also included. When a patient or service user is treated or cared for, information is collected which supports their treatment. This information is also useful to commissioners and providers of NHS-funded care for 'secondary' purposes - purposes other than direct or 'primary' clinical care - such as: Healthcare planning Commissioning of services National Tariff reimbursement Development of national policy SUS is a secure data warehouse that stores this patient-level information in line with national standards and applies complex derivations which support national tariff policy and secondary analysis. Access to SUS is managed using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) which grants appropriate access levels to identifiable, anonymised or pseudonymised data based on the users job role.


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