North West London Outpatient Care Data (NWL OP)

The NWL OP linked table is taken from the Secondary Users Service database which contains records of care administered in an OP setting within NWL. Some of the data items included are appointment dates, HRG codes, specialties and referral sources. When a patient or service user is treated or cared for, information is collected which supports their treatment. This information is also useful to commissioners and providers of NHS-funded care for 'secondary' purposes - purposes other than direct or 'primary' clinical care - such as: Healthcare planning Commissioning of services National Tariff reimbursement Development of national policy SUS is a secure data warehouse that stores this patient-level information in line with national standards and applies complex derivations which support national tariff policy and secondary analysis. Access to SUS is managed using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) which grants appropriate access levels to identifiable or de-identified data based on the users job role. The Secondary Users Service (SUS) database is made up of many data items relating to outpatient care delivered by NHS hospitals in England. Many of these items form part of the national Commissioning Data Set (CDS), and are generated by the patient administration systems within each hospital.


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