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MorphoSource is a digital repository where researchers, museum curators, and the general public can find, download, and upload 3D media representing physical objects, most commonly biological specimens. If you are a researcher, you can use MorphoSour ...

National Sharing Platform for Reference Materials

Standard, reference material is used for measurement process control and reliability evaluation of measurement results, and plays a key role in important fields such as food safety, international and domestic trade, medicine and health, and environme ...

RRUFF Project

The RRUFF Project is creating a complete set of high quality spectral data from well characterized minerals and is developing the technology to share this information with the world. The collected data provides a standard for mineralogists, geoscient ...

Geoportal del Sistema Nacional de Información sobre la Biodiversidad

Mexico’s biodiversity information system. The CONABIO Geoportal aims to facilitate the location, consultation and retrieval of thematic mapping generated and compiled by the Commission. The planning, development and implementation of our portal was c ...

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