MOsDB ( is a resource for publicly available sequences of the rice (Oryza sativa L.) genome. Our goal at MOsDB is to provide all available data about rice genes and genomics, including (in the future) mutant information and expression profiles. At this moment, the MOsDB database includes current (updated on daily basis) published sequences and gene annotation information of two Oryza sativa subspecies: japonica and indica. Currenty (Jan. 2005), MOsDB houses over 60000 gene calls on the pseudomolecule assembly (12 chromosomes) as provided by TIGR ( When the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project (IRGSP) genome sequence and annotation becomes available, that will be included in parallel. To browse data, the user can navigate in a genome-oriented way. Starting from a chromosome list, one can retrieve detailed information on the chromsosome as well as links to sequence and genetic elements. The genetic element list links to reports on the protein genes or other features on display. Sequences can be viewed and downloaded as HTML, XML, FASTA and GAMEXML (Apollo annotation tool compatible) format. To visualize and browse genetic elements on a specified chromosome or contig, a graphical interface, DBBrowser, was developed. Easy access to the MOsDB data is also provided through web services ( for application-level access.



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