Joint Committee on Atomic and Molecular Physical data - working group on Data eXchange

Other names: JCAMP-DX

JCAMP-DX is used for exchanging moderate numbers of spectra. JCAMP-DX was one of the earliest specifications providing a standard file format for data exchange in mass spectrometry. It was initially developed for infrared spectrometry and related chemical and physical information between spectrometer data systems of different manufacture. It was also used later for nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. JCAMP-DX is an ASCII based format and includes standards for file compression. All data are stored as labeled fields of variable length using printable ASCII characters. JCAMP-DX was found impractical for today's large MS data sets, but it is still used for exchanging moderate numbers of spectra. IUPAC is currently in charge of its maintenance and the latest protocol is from 2005.




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