Other names: hypercldb

HyperCLDB is the hypertext on cell culture availability built from the Cell Line Data Base of the Interlab Project. As for February 2017 it features 6,643 lines, 6,301 of which are available for distribution. From these, 4,921 are human cell lines (1,994 are related to some pathology and 988 are related to some tumour with 123 transformed by some agent). There are 1,380 animal cell lines representing 204 distinct species or strains (80 cell lines are tumour related and 277 are transformed). HyperCLDB includes links to records of OMIM, the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man Catalogue, and PubMed, database of bibliographic biomedical references. HyperCLDB can be browsed starting from the Cell Index, from a specific collection or laboratory or from one of the indexes of controlled terms, which relate to Species/Strains, Tissues/Organs, Tumors, Pathologies and Transforming agents.




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