Molecular Connections Cell Line Ontology

Other names: MCCL, Cell Line Ontology [by Mahadevan]

The Molecular Connections Cell Line Ontology models primary and established cell lines-both normal and pathologic. It covers around 400 cell lines. This ontology has been built to include the major domains in the field of biology like anatomy, bio-molecules, chemicals and drugs, pathological conditions and genetic variations around the cell lines. The ontology covers all cell lines from sources such ATCC, DSMZ, ECACC, ICLC. This ontology has been developed as an extension of the sub class “cell line cell” which is a part of the major class “experimentally modified cell” of the Cell type [CL] ontology that already existed in OBO foundry. Disease ontology with which the cell line relates to has been exported from “Human Disease” [DOID] ontology and the organ/tissue details relate to the “Foundational model of anatomy” [FMA] ontology. There appears to be no official homepage.



cell cell line protein

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