Comparative Genometrics

The ever increasing rate at which whole genome sequences are becoming accessible to the scientific community has created an urgent need for tools enabling comparison of chromosomes of different species. We have applied biometric methods to available chromosome sequences and posted the results on our Comparative Genometrics (CG) web site. By genometrics, a term coined by Elston and Wilson [Genet. Epidemiol. (1990), 7, 17-19], we understand a biometric analysis of chromosomes. During the initial phase, our web site displays, for all completely sequenced prokaryotic genomes, three genometric analyses: the DNA walk [Lobry (1999) Microbiology Today, 26, 164-165] and two complementary representations, i.e. the cumulative GC- and TA-skew analyses, capable of identifying, at the level of whole genomes, features inherent to chromosome organization and functioning. It appears that the latter features are taxon-specific. Although primarily focused on prokaryotic chromosomes, the CG web site contains genometric information on paradigm plasmids, phages, viruses and eukaryotic organelles. Relevant data and methods can be readily used by the scientific community for further analyses as well as for tutorial purposes. Our data posted at the CG web site are freely available on the World Wide Web at



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