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NeuroMorpho.Org is a centrally curated inventory of 3D digitally reconstructed neurons associated with peer-reviewed publications. The goal of NeuroMorpho.Org is to provide dense coverage of available reconstruction data for the neuroscience communit ...

Cell Image Library

This library is a public and easily accessible resource database of images, videos, and animations of cells, capturing a wide diversity of organisms, cell types, and cellular processes. The purpose of this database is to advance research on cellular ...

Structural Biology Data Grid

The Structural Biology Data Grid (SBGrid-DG) community-driven repository to preserve primary experimental datasets that support scientific publications. The SBGrid Data Bank is an open source research data management system enabling Structural Biolog ...


webKnossos is an open-source data sharing and annotation platform for multi-terabyte 2D and 3D electron-microscopy (EM) and light-microscopy (LM) datasets. Core features are fast 3D data streaming, link-sharing to specific locations in the data, and ...

Open Microscopy Environment Ontology

The Open Microscopy Environment Ontology (OME-OWL) is a light microscopy imaging ontology that has been developed through translation of the OME data model. The aim of this ontology is to support multi-modal imaging technologies and integrate life-sc ...

Recommended Metadata for Biological Images

The Recommended Metadata for Biological Images (REMBI) are a set of guidelines developed by the bioimaging community as a framework for discussing different aspects of useful sharing of imaging data. Its goal is to reach community-wide consensus on t ...

Hustedt Diatom Collection Database

The Hustedt Diatom Collection Database stores information on a large collection of diatom specimens that began with the private collection of Friedrich Hustedt which, in 1968 was housed at the Institut für Meeresforschung in Bremerhaven (now the Alfr ...

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