Although a large amount of experimentally-derived information about RNA editing sites currently exists, this information has remained scattered in a variety of sources and in diverse data formats. Availability of standard collections for high-quality experimental data will be great helpful for systematic studying of RNA editing, especially for developing computational algorithm to predict RNA editing site. dbRES (http://bioinfo.au.tsinghua.edu.cn/dbRES) is a public database of known RNA editing sites. All sites are manually curated from literature and GenBank annotations. dbRES version 1.1 contains 5437 RNA editing sites of 251 transcripts, covering 96 organisms across plant, metazoan, protozoa, fungi and virus. dbRES provides comprehensive annotations and data summaries, including (but not limited to) transcript sequences, RNA editing types, editing site locations, amino acid changes, organisms, subcellular organelles (if available), cited references, etc. A user-friendly web interface is developed to facilitate both retrieving data and online display of RNA edit site information.



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