UHB 100K Genomics patient clinical data including their acute care contacts

Longitudinal, routine data for UHB NHSFT patients recruited to the 100K Genomes project that accessed Acute Care at UHB: This includes data for cancer and rare diseases in adults and children, with investigations undertaken and outcomes.


Name: HDR UK Innovation Gateway Access
URL: https://www.hdruk.ac.uk/infrastructure/gateway/terms-and-conditions/


genomics west midlands pioneer birmingham rare cancers rare diseases cardiovascular endocrine renal neurological metabolic respiratory rheumatology skeletal gynaecological cancers fallopian endometrial ovarian primary peritoneal lung cancer prostate cancer colorectal cancer breast cancer sarcoma paediatric sarcoma renal cancer adult brain tumour bladder cancer melanoma upper gastrointestinal (gi) tumours hepatopancreatobiliary tumours testicular cancer head and neck cancers cancer of unknown primary childhood solid tumours neuroendocrine tumours (except benign) haematological malignancies thyroid cancers ophthalmology

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