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Collection of samples and data across the following diseases: Fit and well For researchers Blood collection We collect blood from donors aged between 18-60, who have been screened to ensure that it is safe for them to donate, that they are in good health, and not taking medications that might interfere with experiments. Donors will have given consent for their samples to be used in a wide range of biomedical research applications, including genetic research and that undertaken by commercial organisations. We are also able to collect samples from specific donors, for example within a certain age range, ethnicity or with a specific blood group. We can collect samples into a wide range of anticoagulant tubes, blood bags and other devices as required. Processing We use advanced technologies in our laboratory to test donated blood samples and to process them into the formats which are most useful to researchers. These include: Whole blood From a single tube of whole blood in a specific anticoagulant tube, up to a full bag of blood we can collect the exact volume of blood you need from donors best suited to your study and deliver it within precisely defined timeframes at the best temperature for your need. Buffy coat We routinely process whole blood units into buffy coat preparations which are used as a source of PBMCs by our clients. We can also process smaller volumes of blood from blood collection tubes into buffy coat. Plasma We can either collect a specific volume of blood in the anticoagulant of your choice and prepare plasma, or you can source plasma samples that we have banked from a wide selection of donors for screening purposes. Serum We can either collect a specific volume of blood and prepare serum to suit your needs, or you can select from serum samples that we have previously banked from a wide selection of donors. PBMCs We are preparing PBMCs from whole units of blood within a very short timeframe from venepuncture (typically processing begins within 1 hour). PBMCs are produced using a density centrifugation, characterized and frozen in a proprietary freezing solution designed to maximise cell viability. Custom services We can develop specific processes to suit your exact requirements, so please get in contact if there is something specific you need for your research


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