MEGARes 2.0

Other names: MEGARes_2.0

a database for classification of antimicrobial drug, biocide and metal resistance determinants in metagenomic sequence data. MEGAResFrom MEG, the Microbial Ecology Group. Welcome to MEGARes: an Antimicrobial Database for High-Throughput Sequencing. The MEGARes database contains sequence data for approximately 8,000 hand-curated antimicrobial resistance genes accompanied by an annotation structure that is optimized for use with high throughput sequencing. The acyclical annotation graph of MEGARes allows for accurate, count-based, hierarchical statistical analysis of resistance at the population level, much like microbiome analysis, and is also designed to be used as a training database for the creation of statistical classifiers (Figure 1).




microbial ecology metagenomics public health and epidemiology metagenomic sequencing genetics

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