Library of Integrated Network-Based Cellular Signatures Data Portal

Other names: LINCS Data Portal, Library of Integrated Network-based Signatures Data Portal

The LINCS Data Portal provides a unified interface for searching LINCS dataset packages and reagents. LINCS data are being made openly available as a community resource through a series of data releases, so as to enable scientists to address a broad range of basic research questions and to facilitate the identification of biological targets for new disease therapies. LINCS datasets consist of assay results from cultured and primary human cells treated with bioactive small molecules, ligands such as growth factors and cytokines, or genetic perturbations. Many different assays are used to monitor cell responses, including assays measuring transcript and protein expression; cell phenotype data are captured by biochemical and imaging readouts. Assays are typically carried out on multiple cell types, and at multiple timepoints; perturbagen activity is monitored at multiple doses.


Name: Fort Lauderdale Principles



cellular assay gene expression molecular interaction phenotype small molecule kinomescan l1000 assay p100 assay rna sequence biochemical assays cell biological assays cellular signatures imaging assays phenotype assays proteomics transcriptomics

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