IUPAC Nomenclature database

The IUPAC Nomenclature database is mainly concerned with biochemical and organic chemical nomenclature. It includes most nomenclature recommendations prepared by the IUPAC-IUBMB Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature and the IUPAC Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry. Documents included are the nomenclature of steroids, carbohydrates, amino acids and peptides and glossaries of organic class names, physical organic chemistry and stereochemistry. For additional biochemical recommendations prepared by the Nomenclature Committee of IUBMB see http://www.chem.qmul.ac.uk/iubmb/. Selected other IUPAC documents such as the latest table of atomic weights and glossaries of medicinal chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry are included; as well as an extensive bibliography of IUPAC nomenclature publications together with, where known, translations into other languages. The database may be accessed at http://www.chem.qmul.ac.uk/iupac/.



genomics genome annotation terms, ontologies and nomenclature

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