Genome-Wide Association Studies Catalog

Other names: GWAS Catalog, GWAS catalog, gwas_catalog

The Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) Catalog provides a consistent, searchable, visualisable and freely available database of published SNP-trait associations, which can be easily integrated with other resources, and is accessed by scientists, clinicians and other users worldwide. Within the Catalog, all eligible GWA studies are identified by literature search and assessed by curators, who then extract the reported trait, significant SNP-trait associations, and sample metadata. The Catalog also publishes a GWAS diagram of SNP-trait associations, mapped onto the human genome by chromosomal location and displayed on the human karyotype. Since 2010, delivery and development of the Catalog has been a collaborative project between the EMBL-EBI and NHGRI.


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genome-wide association study single nucleotide polymorphism gwas study dna polymorphism mapping data integration and warehousing rare diseases

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