Other names: chimerdb

ChimerDB is a database of fusion sequences encompassing bioinformatics analysis of mRNA and EST sequences in the GenBank, manual collection of literature data and integration with other well known databases. Fusion transcripts with nonoverlapping alignments at multiple genomic loci were identified and filtered to remove cloning artifacts in cDNA library preparation. Fusion transcripts are classified into two groups - genuine chromosome translocation and fusion between neighboring genes owing to intergenic splicing. Literature data from pubmed abstracts and the fusion data from public resources (OMIM, Sanger CGP, Atlas chromosomes in cancer, and the Mitelman's breakpoint) are integrated to enhance the coverage and reliability. Currently, ChimerDB contains 1,258 fusion cases that involve 1,777 genes, 381 mRNA and 654 EST sequences. It can be accessed at




nucleic acid sequence gene structure, introns and exons, splice sites human genes and diseases cancer-related genes gene transcripts gene structure gene expression dna sequencing

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