Other names: Atomic Database Spectr-W3 for Plasma Spectroscopy and other Applications, SPECTR-W3 Database on spectroscopic properties of atoms and ions

The information accumulated in the SPECTR-W3 ADB contains over 450,000 records and includes factual experimental and theoretical data on ionization potentials, energy levels, wavelengths, radiation transition probabilities, oscillator strengths, and (optionally) the parameters of analytical approximations of electron-collisional cross-sections and rates for atoms and ions. Those data were extracted from publications in physical journals, proceedings of the related conferences, special-purpose publications on atomic data, and provided directly by authors. The information is supplied with references to the original sources and comments, elucidating the details of experimental measurements or calculations, where necessary and available. To date, the SPECTR-W3 ADB is the largest factual database in the world containing the information on spectral properties of multicharged ions.


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URL: http://spectr-w3.snz.ru/index.phtml


nuclear physics technology

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