Real Time Data Network (RTDN)

Near-real time aggregated cancer activity data from 8 major sites across the UK, for the purpose of testing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer diagnostic and cancer treatment pathways. This data set has been designed to support the aim to improve NHS cancer patient outcomes by sharing real-time data about UK cancer services during the COVID-19 pandemic and afterwards. This will be achieved by creating a network of UK-wide hospitals large and representative enough to allow national and local data analysis, enabling insights that are not possible from current national datasets. All hospitals share an agreed minimum dataset at minimum quality on a weekly basis (Level 1) with the option to share deeper datasets if that fits their digital maturity, patient choice, information governance and organisational priorities (Level 2 and 3). All data will be kept and shared under appropriate and agreed information governance and legal contracts, and via Trusted Research Environment(s).


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