A granular assessment of the day-to-day variation in emergency presentations

A granular dataset of over 65,000 emergency admissions, with detailed patient flow through hospital detailing day-to-day variation in case mix. Severity, demographics, multi-morbidity, completion of review, interventions, treatments and outcomes.


Name: HDR UK Innovation Gateway Access
URL: https://www.hdruk.ac.uk/infrastructure/gateway/terms-and-conditions/


acute care same day emergency care sdec waiting times emergency department overcrowding kpis performance longitudinal data ed demography age ethnicity socioeconomic deprivation frailty multi-morbidity pathway observations pulse rate respiratory rate blood pressure oxygenation pulse oximetry news2 sews investigations imaging pathology symptoms diagnoses outcomes medical review death clinical speciality biomarkers bloods acute hospitals care escalation therapies patient longitudinal readmissions

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