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Surveillance Epidemiology of Coronavirus Under Research Exclusion (SECURE) - IBD

Surveillance Epidemiology of Coronavirus Under Research Exclusion (SECURE-IBD) is an international, pediatric and adult database to monitor and report on outcomes of COVID-19 occurring in IBD patients. The goals of the registry is to rapidly define t ...

Inflammatory Bowel Disease datasets - Data profiling GWM

Imaging and bio-sample data sets related to patients with active and inactive Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD Registry

The IBD Registry captures longitudinal clinical data on IBD patients from NHS Trusts. The dataset includes demographics; diagnosis and phenotype; medications (greater details on biologics); interventions; clinical assessment and PROMS.

Crohn's Disease Metabolic Syndrome & Related Disease Outcomes

NIHR Bioresource DAA063: This data base contains numerical data in Crohn's disease linking metabolic syndrome to related disease outcomes.

IBD Registry COVID-19

A consented IBD dataset of 9,800 participants, with a further 30,000 ethically-permissioned records for research related to COVID-19 and IBD. Includes patient demographics, medications plus vaccinations, responses and care received April 2020-June 20 ...

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