The aim of the format is to present the results of a proteomics experiment in a computationally accessible overview. The aim is not to provide the detailed evidence for these results, or allow recreating the process which led to the results. Both of these functions are established through links to more detailed representations in other formats, in particular mzIdentML and mzQuantML. mzTab is meant to be a light-weight, tab-delimited file format for proteomics data. The target audience for this format are primarily researchers outside of proteomics. It should be easy to parse and only contain the minimal information required to evaluate the results of a proteomics experiment. One of the goals of this file format is that it, for example, should be possible for a biologist to open such a file in Excel and still be able to "see" the data. This format should also become a way to disseminate proteomics results through protocols such as DAS.



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