UCL researchers have set up a national research study called “Vivaldi” with Four Seasons healthcare and the Department of Health and Social Care. The aim is to find out how many care home staff and residents have have have been infected with COVID-19. The study will be expanding to other providers and care homes across England and will provide a detailed picture of prevalence, seroprevalence, transmission and potential immunity over time.By testing around 6500 staff and 5000 residents across >100 care homes in England, we will estimate the proportion who have been infected with COVID-19 in the past and have antibodies, and the proportion who are infected now. These tests will be repeated over time to learn how COVID-19 spreads in care homes and how long the antibody response lasts and whether this helps to prevent re-infection with the virus. In those who are currently infected, we will also collect information on who is experiencing symptoms to help us to understand how this affects spread of infection within care homes. We will find out about how infection spreads between care homes, the community and hospitals by linking the information we collect to national data on hospital admissions and deaths. N.B.: The data within the VIVALDI 2 dataset is being examined and cleaned to improve its quality, this is ongoing work.


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