Open Provenance Model

Other names: OPM, Orientations of Proteins in Membranes database, opm

The Open Provenance Model (OPM) is a model of provenance that is designed to meet the following requirements: (1) To allow provenance information to be exchanged between systems, by means of a compatibility layer based on a shared provenance model. (2) To allow developers to build and share tools that operate on such a provenance model. (3) To define provenance in a precise, technology-agnostic manner. (4) To support a digital representation of provenance for any 'thing', whether produced by computer systems or not. (5) To allow multiple levels of description to coexist. (6) To define a core set of rules that identify the valid inferences that can be made on provenance representation.




resource metadata structure protein structure protein folds and structural domains membrane and lipoproteins small molecule proteins

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