Leeds Breast Research Tissue Bank

Collection of samples and data across the following diseases: Benign tumour of breast, Fit and well, Malignant tumour of breast. The Leeds Breast Research Tissue Bank (LBRTB) was established in 2010 and collects malignant and normal breast tissue and associated samples from donors consented through the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. The LBRTB is based in the Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology on the St. James's University Hospital site and is led by Professor Valerie Speirs. The LBRTB is a founder member of the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank (BCNTB), a ground-breaking multi-million pound initiative linking five centres around the country working together as one national resource. The BCNTB represents the UK's single largest unique collection of high quality breast tissue samples.


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leeds breast research tissue bank malignant tumour of breast lbrtb fit and well benign tumour of breast

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