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Samples & data for following: Carcinoma in situ of liver, Dementia ,Fit and well, Malignant brain neoplasm, Malignant neoplasm of liver, Malignant oral cavity tumour, Malignant prostate tumour, Malignant stomach tumour and others. Full list in Description Ethical Tissue is a research tissue bank, licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA); to collect, store and supply a wide range of human tissue, cells and fluids to biomedical research groups in academia and industry. Also includes tissue donated after death. We provide access to collection of samples and data across the following diseases: • Carcinoma in situ of liver • Dementia (disorder) • Fit and well • Malignant neoplasm of brain • Malignant neoplasm of liver • Malignant tumour of oral cavity (disorder) • Malignant tumour of prostate (disorder) • Malignant tumour of stomach (disorder) • ,Malignant tumour of colon • Malignant tumour of lung • Malignant tumour of oesophagus


Name: HDR UK Innovation Gateway Access


dementia malignant prostate tumour university of bradford malignant oral cavity tumour malignant stomach tumour carcinoma in situ of liver malignant brain neoplasm ethical tissue malignant neoplasm of liver fit and well

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