HPO - ORDO Ontological Module

Other names: HOOM

Orphanet provides phenotypic annotations of the rare diseases in the Orphanet nomenclature using the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO). HOOM is a module that qualifies the annotation between a clinical entity and phenotypic abnormalities according to a frequency and by integrating the notion of diagnostic criterion. In ORDO a clinical entity is either a group of rare disorders, a rare disorder or a subtype of disorder. The phenomes branch of ORDO has been refactored as a logical import of HPO, and the HPO-ORDO phenotype disease-annotations have been provided in a series of triples in OBAN format in which associations, frequency and provenance are modeled. HOOM is provided as an OWL (Ontologies Web Languages) file, using OBAN, the Orphanet Rare Disease Ontology (ORDO), and HPO ontological models. HOOM provides extra possibilities for researchers, pharmaceutical companies and others wishing to co-analyse rare and common disease phenotype associations, or re-use the integrated ontologies in genomic variants repositories or match-making tools.


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