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Immunology Database and Analysis Portal

The Immunology Database and Analysis Portal (ImmPort) data repository was created for the exploration of clinical and basic research data on immunology and associated findings. ImmPort intends to promote effective data sharing across the basic, clini ...

Virus Pathogen Database and Analysis Resource

The Virus Pathogen Database and Analysis Resource (ViPR) is an integrated repository of data and analysis tools for multiple virus families, supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Bioinformatics Resource Center ...


Nicotiana benthamiana originates from the remote regions of northern Australia. It is used extensively in laboratories around the world for many types of research including metabolic engineering, plant-microbe interactions, RNAi, vaccine production a ...

Ontology of Biological and Clinical Statistics

The Ontology of Biological and Clinical Statistics (OBCS) is a biomedical ontology in the domain of biological and clinical statistics. OBCS is primarily targeted for statistical representation in the fields in biological, biomedical, and clinical do ...

Vaccine Ontology

The Vaccine Ontology (VO) was created as part of an international community-based effort to represent vaccine knowledge and to support automated reasoning. VO describes the detailed classification and definitions of vaccine components and vaccine adm ...

Ontology of Adverse Events

The Ontology of Adverse Events (OAE) is a community-driven ontology that is developed to standardize and integrate data on biomedical adverse events (e.g., vaccine and drug adverse events) and support computer-assisted reasoning. As a result of a med ...

Ontology of Vaccine Adverse Events

The Ontology of Vaccine Adverse Events (OVAE) is a biomedical ontology in the area of vaccine adverse events. While they are extremely useful in decreasing infection prevalence in human populations, vaccines may also induce some unintended adverse ev ...

Vaccination Informed Consent Ontology

The Vaccination Informed Consent Ontology (VICO) is a community-driven ontology in the domain of vaccination/immunization informed consent. It extends the Informed Consent Ontology and integrates related OBO foundry ontologies, such as the Vaccine On ...

Trusted Research Environments for CVD-COVID-UK / COVID-IMPACT

Linkable health datasets in respective TREs in England, Scotland and Wales, accessible to approved researchers who are members of the BHF Data Science Centre's CVD-COVID-UK consortium, and for COVID-IMPACT / National Core Studies projects (England on ...

Sars-CoV-2 Immunity & REinfection EvaluatioN (SIREN)

Large-scale study testing blood samples and swabs obtained from healthcare workers who work in a clinical setting to see if infection with COVID-19 protects them from future episodes of infection.

IBD Registry COVID-19

A consented IBD dataset of 9,800 participants, with a further 30,000 ethically-permissioned records for research related to COVID-19 and IBD. Includes patient demographics, medications plus vaccinations, responses and care received April 2020-June 20 ...

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