Canadas National Aquatic Biological Specimen Bank and Database

Other names: BNSBA, Base de données et Banque nationale de spécimens biologiques aquatiques du Canada, NABSB

>>> ----This page has been archived on the Web--- <<< Environment and Climate Change Canada collects biological samples from a number of lakes and rivers across Canada in support of federally mandated programs. Environment and Climate Change Canada has collected fish and invertebrates from the Great Lakes since 1977 in support of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA). More recently, samples have been collected nationally to support Canada's Chemicals Management Plan and the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda. Environment and Climate Change Canada also maintains a specimen bank of frozen tissues which is a requirement of the GLWQA and is an integral part of departmental monitoring and research programs. The National Aquatic Biological Specimen Bank (NABSB) is located in a dedicated facility at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters in Burlington, Ontario. The NABSB holds more than 37,000 samples of fish and invertebrates collected over the last 30+ years of environmental monitoring in Canada. Research conducted using samples from the NABSB has produced more than 60 scientific publications, reports and book chapters


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