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Ventilatory strategies, medications and outcomes for patients with COVID

Deeply phenotyped data on COVID-19 hospital patients with multi-morbidities requiring/at risk of requiring ventilatory support: This includes investigations, with serial biomarkers, ITU spells, interventions undertaken and outcomes.

Ventilation strategies for patients on intensive care

Mechanical and non-invasive ventilation, tracheostomy. Ventilator settings, tidal volumes and pressures. ECMO, inotropes, other organ support, medications, investigations and serial physiology. The preceding care journey and outcomes Ventilatory stra ...

Ventilatory strategies and outcomes for patients with COVID: a dataset in OMOP

Hospital patients admitted during the COVID pandemic requiring/at risk of requiring ventilatory support. Granular condition, multi-morbidity, interventions and treatments. Serial physiology, blood biomarkers, ITU spells, outcome. Deeply phenotyped ...

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