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Deeply phenotyped sepsis patients within hospital: onset, treatments & outcomes

Hospitalised sepsis patients (2000-2020) by cause. Deeply phenotyped, longitudinal. Granular ethnicity and multi-morbidity. Serial acuity, physiology, blood parameters, treatments, interventions, ITU spells, outcomes, pre and post sepsis healthcare ...

Cholecystectomy and post-operative complications from over 9000 surgical cases

A deeply phenotyped dataset of hospitalised patients undergoing an emergency or elective cholecystectomy. Longitudinal granular demographics, co-morbidities, laboratory results, physiology, medications, complications including sepsis and outcomes.

Hospitalised Community Acquired Pneumonia granular pathway and outcome data

Over 100K patients hospitalised with Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) from January 2000. Granular care pathways. Serial physiology, blood biomarkers, outcome data. Deeply phenotyped. Multi morbidity, investigations, interventions and outcomes.

Urinary tract infections acute presentations: microbiology, treatment, outcome

Acute presentations of UTIs (2000 to date). Deeply phenotyped, longitudinal granular data. Serial acuity, physiology, microbiology cultures, blood parameters, treatments, interventions, outcomes. Presenting complaints. Catheterisation status.

Granular ICU data focussing on the impact of lactate readings on outcomes

A granular dataset of over 12,000 ICU admissions with lactate reading from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2020 (pre-COVID). Detailed patient flow through the hospital providing severity, demographics, multi-morbidity, interventions, treatments and outcomes.

Investigating the impact of frailty, age and illness severity during COVID-19

Longitudinal data to investigate interactions of frailty, age and illness severity on outcomes in adults admitted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinicians’ frailty scoring versus electronic frailty scoring. Highly granular structured serial data.

Hospitalised patients with diabetic emergencies & acute diabetic health concerns

Granular details of diabetic emergencies and acute admissions associated with diabetes-related health concerns: This includes demographic data with investigations, serial physiology and outcomes. The preceding care journey and outcomes are included.

UHB Linked Diabetic Eye Disease in Acute Diabetic Hospital Admissions

Eye data for those identified by having an ED admission and acute care for their diabetes at QE Hospital, Birmingham. Key data included are demographics, duration of diabetes, outcomes, comorbidities, national screening diabetic grade and visual data ...

OMOP dataset: Hospital COVID patients: severity, acuity, therapies, outcomes

Hospital COVID patients 6.01.2020-20.08.2020). Granular severity, ethnicity, co-morbidity. Serial acuity, physiology, blood biomarkers, treatments, ITU, outcome. Deeply phenotyped, longitudinal. OMOP dataset: Hospital COVID patients: severity, acuit ...

Deeply-phenotyped hospital COVID patients: severity, acuity, therapies, outcomes

Hospital COVID patients (6th Jan 2020 onwards). Granular severity, ethnicity, co-morbidity. Serial physiology, blood biomarkers, images, treatments, ITU, outcome, pre/post admission healthcare use. Deeply phenotyped, longitudinal. Waves 1/ 2 PIONEER ...

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