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The Autism Chromosome Rearrangement Database

The Autism Chromosome Rearrangement Database is a collection of hand curated breakpoints and other genomic features, related to autism, taken from publicly available literature, databases and unpublished data.

Children In Need Census Wales (CINW)

Numbers and characteristics of children in need, including parental circumstances, health and educational outcomes. Children in Need census data for 2009/10 - 2015/16.

Children Receiving Care and Support Census (CRCS)

Census data relating to children with a care and support plan.

Children’s Kidney Cancers - Great Ormond Street Hospital

GOSH is the custodian of the latest study dataset - IMPORT. All of the trial/study datasets include: full patient and tumour demographics, associated congenital abnormalities, tumour stage, treatment received and follow up for relapse and death. GOSH ...

Looked After Children Wales (LACW)

Information about looked after children. Includes demographic and episode level information.

Treatment of Bangladeshi children with severe pneumonia

This study aims to explore whether bubble CPAP is able to improve outcomes of children with severe pneumonia and hypoxaemia who receive care in non-tertiary, district hospitals.

Yorkshire Specialist Register of Cancer in Children and Young People

A regional asset for Yorkshire and Humber Data, a population-based database of all children and young people (0–29 yrs) diagnosed with cancer residing in the Yorkshire and Humber region in England (10,000 tumour registrations in children aged 0-14 ye ...

Brecon Dataset (BREC)

A register of children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, collected from Paediatric diabetes clinics in Wales. Maintained by the Brecon Group. Data has been collected since 1995 and is complete since then, but some people diagnosed earlier are also incl ...

Care-seeking practices for childhood pneumonia in non/tribal areas of Pune India

The doctoral thesis aims to determine care-seeking practices and identify influencing factors of and barriers to care-seeking for pneumonia in children aged between 2-59 months residing in tribal and non-tribal rural areas in Pune district, India. F ...

Blended learning for primary care physicians on COPD in Bangladesh

The aim is to explore the use of both face-to-face and online methods (blended learning) for the training of primary care doctors in COPD in Bangladesh.

Respiratory rate counters in paediatric pneumonia diagnosis

The study aims to develop a process of videography of child’s chest movements and interpretation of respiratory rate from video recording by a video expert panel to evaluate automated respiratory rate counters to diagnose paediatric pneumonia.

Hospital Episode Statistics Critical Care

Record-level patient data set of patients admitted for treatment and receiving Critical Care (intensive care or high dependency care) at NHS hospitals in England. A record represents one episode of Critical Care.

Identification of Medical Admissions suitable for Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC)

Acute patient data (2004 onwards) for patients with unplanned medical admission who receive Same Day Emergency Care. Granular condition, presenting complaint, acuity, ethnicity, multi-morbidity. Serial physiology , blood biomarkers, treatments.

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