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Identification of Medical Admissions suitable for Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC)

Acute patient data (2004 onwards) for patients with unplanned medical admission who receive Same Day Emergency Care. Granular condition, presenting complaint, acuity, ethnicity, multi-morbidity. Serial physiology , blood biomarkers, treatments.

Urinary tract infections acute presentations: microbiology, treatment, outcome

Acute presentations of UTIs (2000 to date). Deeply phenotyped, longitudinal granular data. Serial acuity, physiology, microbiology cultures, blood parameters, treatments, interventions, outcomes. Presenting complaints. Catheterisation status.

A dataset of monitored patient safety indicators in 3 acute hospital settings

Monthly nursing quality and safety key indicator data (numerator and denominator) across 3 hospital sites. Data prior and post migration to a new electronic health system (EHS) to enable the impact on patient safety and clinical quality to be measure ...

Laboratory turnaround times processing electronic blood test orders in the NHS

Unique data of 323,899 blood tests pre- and post-implementation of a computerised order entry system with key clinical pathway time-points for all blood tests. Data on date/time of requests, laboratory processing times and reported results.

Investigating the impact of frailty, age and illness severity during COVID-19

Longitudinal data to investigate interactions of frailty, age and illness severity on outcomes in adults admitted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinicians’ frailty scoring versus electronic frailty scoring. Highly granular structured serial data.

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